BLOG: With Brexit, global searches help clients see the ‘bigger picture’

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September 2, 2020
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September 24, 2020

BLOG: With Brexit, global searches help clients see the ‘bigger picture’

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A happy member of staff will remain at a company for longer

Recruitment remains a major challenge for companies up and down the UK in virtually every industry sector, despite the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit. So Anthony McCormack suggests businesses should try harder to recruit, and then hold on to, the best candidates.

Britain still teeters on the brink of Brexit. What sort of Brexit that may be and under what sort of deal or no-deal, remains to be seen.

There are all sorts of claims and counter-claims coming from both sides of the Channel about who is to blame for the delay in any deal getting done and why.

The threatening rhetoric has ramped up in recent weeks. That ‘blame game’ is likely to become even more vociferous as the clock ticks on towards the negotiating deadline of December 31st, 2020.

At the time of writing, I doubt many people actually know how it is finally going to pan out.

Major challenge

Whatever happens with Brexit and despite the rising unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is perfectly clear in the recruitment and employment market that it remains difficult to recruit good staff.

Recruitment is a major challenge for companies up and down the UK in virtually every industry sector.

There is already a deep skills shortages in key roles and key sectors and that is not helped by the result of the net migration as EU workers return ‘home’ during the current Brexit climate. Many European nationals are worried about the uncertainty of future residency criteria post-Brexit. As a result, many have decided the best thing to do is to simply go ‘home’ end those worries.

So being an entrepreneur and a glass half full guy, I see an opportunity here. Because of how challenging recruitment is, by definition, being better at recruiting and retaining the best staff is a key competitive advantage.

Key positions

Britain’s (eventual) departure from the EU levels the playing field internationally. Smart companies are looking both inside and outside of Europe to recruit for key positions and this opens up a whole different talent pipeline and process.

In order to help client companies get ahead in this area, Macstaff has formalised its membership of NPA worldwide. They are the longest established international independent recruiter network, facilitating candidate and job sharing to more effectively serve members. 

Macstaff have always provided first class recruitment services across the UK. We specialise in permanent and contract recruitment in construction, property and engineering.  

Now we are able to leverage the power of the NPA global network to source candidates for you globally. This enables us to efficiently and effectively fill positions in UK or around the world.

How can we help? Well, please get in touch if you are: 

  • An international company interested in recruiting professional staff from the UK
  • A UK company interested in recruiting international talent
  • A UK company recruiting for overseas locations

We can help your business get started on the ‘bigger picture’ searches.

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