BLOG: Why job candidates should look outside of Europe post-Brexit

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BLOG: With Brexit, global searches help clients see the ‘bigger picture’
September 24, 2020
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October 13, 2020

BLOG: Why job candidates should look outside of Europe post-Brexit

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Let Macstaff's membership of the NPA open your eyes to global possibilities in your job search

In the post-Brexit landscape, MD Anthony McCormack says to job candidates: Why limit your employment options to the UK or the EU when Britain is moving towards working collaboratively with the rest of the world?

At time of writing, Britain teeters on the brink of Brexit…still.

Realistically, no matter what people’s original vote was in the national referendum of 2016, nobody knows exactly how this will all pan out.

Many folks in the UK, and I am sure those in the other 27 countries in the EU, are sick of Brexit talk and want a resolution ASAP. I am sure that fatigue even stretches to the people involved in actually negotiating the deal (or no deal).

Post-Brexit landscape

But the only thing that is certain at the minute, is uncertainty. Both workers and employers are unsure of the post-Brexit landscape and the country will look and operate next year, in five years and in 10 years.

There are more questions than answers in terms of the much discussed, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit. For example, the Customs Union, an Irish backstop, a Canada deal…I could go on.

And even after we have decided on the type of Brexit we are going to get, we will need to look at the post-Brexit relationship included in the recruitment/employment sector. That will include issues around residency/remain criteria, future work-permit/visa process, mobility of labour etc.

It is a minefield.

The UK’s departure from the EU will definitely level the playing field internationally. Smart companies are now looking both inside and outside the EU to recruit for key positions. The same is true for smart candidates. So why limit your employment options to UK or even the EU when Britain is moving towards working collaboratively with the rest of the world?

  • Are you sick of BREXIT talk?
  • Unsure of the Post-BREXIT landscape?
  • Lacking confidence in politicians & government?
  • Have you ever wondered how valuable your skills are elsewhere?
  • Are you looking for a BREXIT bolt-hole?
  • Have you got a target company in mind or are you just curious?

In order to help fulfil workers’ international career aspirations, Macstaff has recently formalised its membership of NPA worldwide, the longest established international independent recruiter network, facilitating candidate and job sharing to create more great matches for candidates and clients.

Macstaff have always provided first class recruitment services to job-seekers across the UK, specialising in permanent and contract recruitment in construction, property & engineering.

Improved chances

Now we are able to leverage the power of the NPA global network to offer more opportunities both in the UK – and now globally.

If you are a professional, skilled or technical worker who is either looking for a permanent or contract job internationally? Then we may be able to help. This goes for both job-seekers exporting yourself (emigrating) from the UK or importing yourself (immigrating) to the UK.

We may not be able to place you directly into your target job and country, but we’ll certainly improve your chances!

So contact Macstaff to get a ‘bigger picture’ job-search started.

Don’t just take the best position locally … take the best position globally!

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