VIDEO: Trust and integrity are key to Macstaff’s relationship with Sertronics

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April 3, 2019
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VIDEO: Trust and integrity are key to Macstaff’s relationship with Sertronics

A video showing Macstaff CEO Anthony McCormack visiting key client Sertronics in Walsall and speaking to people in the business.

Macstaff CEO Anthony McCormack visits key client Sertronics and speaks to people in the business.

Staff at one of Macstaff’s key clients have been explaining the positive impact that MD Anthony McCormack has had on their business.

Sertronics are a provider of a full range of professional and consumer electronic solutions based in Walsall. The business was launched by MD Dave Ince in 2009 and, since forming a relationship with Anthony three years ago, he has come back for Macstaff’s services time and time again.

“We found it very difficult to recruit our own staff and made lots of mistakes which cost us money,” says Dave. “Working with Macstaff is good for us because if we did it ourselves, we could spend a lot of time making the wrong decisions which costs us money.

“We want to work with people who share the same values as us and Anthony fits that bill.”

“We wanted someone who was straightforward and could do the job of hiring new members of staff for us. It is real value for money.”

Accounts manager Gemma Ince added: “We find the service quite personal. Their rates are really good and everyone we have had from them so far has been really good. Macstaff are a family-run business too and we work well together.”

Anthony says Sertronics are a key client and one he enjoys working with.

Trust relationship

“Myself and Sertronics have developed a trust relationship and I have recruited around a dozen people for technical, customer service and administrative positions for them so far,” says Anthony.

“They are a quality company with quality products and service. They are good people and I like to work with honest and decent people.

“I have been able to help them with their growth because they have been able to rely on me to recruit the right staff.

“There has been lots of openness with communication and they have shared some sensitive information with me. That trust is crucial and it’s a relationship I am hoping continues in this way for some time to come.”

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