NEWS: Macstaff receives industry praise for its leading Twitter platform

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NEWS: Macstaff receives industry praise for its leading Twitter platform

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Macstaff receives praise for its Twitter feed

Macstaff has received praise for its social media output in a blog post by a leading recruitment software solutions company entitled: ‘Six recruitment agencies that do Twitter right’.

In the piece by digital marketer Amy McLaughlin of Firefish Software, she lists Macstaff as one of those six agencies and highlights the company’s ability to run a ‘stand out agency brand’ on Twitter.

Amy adds: ‘Anthony McCormack’s (MD) personal approach to his company brand is incredibly engaging on Twitter. Whether he’s tweeting about the latest book that has inspired him or his own personal goals, he’s always able to relate it back to his goals as a recruiter and his genuine enthusiasm for his work always shines through.’

Macstaff’s following, not only on Twitter but on the company’s active Facebook and LinkedIn profiles has seen large growth during 2020, despite the challenging times faced by the industry.

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Picture: The post featuring Firefish’s story

And that has delighted Anthony who is a self-confessed fan of the medium and an active poster across his platforms.

“When I set up Macstaff it was with a view to step away from the faceless corporate side of recruitment and do things in a fresher, better, real and more honest way,” says Anthony.

“My content on my social channels, including Twitter, reflects my thoughts and opinions about an industry I have spent 20 years in and am passionate about, so I hope it’s a valuable insight.

“Macstaff’s purpose is to ‘represent’ with courage, creativity and commitment to move people to a brighter future worldwide. That’s our why…and our how.

“Part of that is to be easy to deal with for clients and candidates alike, so I like to keep it real and I’m told I’m both personable and approachable.

TEAM member of the year

“Being enjoyable to deal with is a key part of why myself and Macstaff are the current TEAM member of the year (the first time it has been awarded to a solo-entrepreneur).

“I don’t like blowing my own trumpet very often but I do ask for LinkedIn recommendations from people who I have helped, so you could check those out to see what my trumpet sounds like!

“It’s easy to be pulled towards trying to be liked or trying to be respected as we all try to develop ‘personal brand’. But I think the most important thing is to make authenticity your anchor.

“This means that people don’t always like my honesty. I have learned, however, that you can’t please all the people all the time!”

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