BLOG: NPA membership can help Macstaff benefit employers

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BLOG: NPA membership can help Macstaff benefit employers

The logo of NPA - the Worldwide Recruiting Network

NPA - The Worldwide Recruiting Network

Having received NPA membership, Macstaff’s approval as a corporate member of worldwide recruitment network opens up a range of new benefits for employers looking to open up options in global recruitment. MD Anthony McCormack explains.

As mentioned in a previous story, Macstaff have been approved as a corporate member of the worldwide recruitment network, NPA.

But whereas that piece focused on the benefits for the candidate, now I want to explain how employers can benefit too.

So what’s in it for employers?

Macstaff have always provided first class recruitment services across the UK, specialising in permanent and contract recruitment in construction, property and engineering.

Now we’re able to leverage the power of the NPA global network to source candidates for employers on a global basis. This enables us to help your business efficiently and effectively fill positions in the UK to a world wide market.

Locally, regionally and internationally, NPA Worldwide connects independent recruitment firms to facilitate split placements.

NPA Worldwide is the oldest recruiter network of its kind. With its HQ in the USA, member recruiting firms are located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Macstaff is a corporate member of the NPA. And MD Anthony McCormack as a personal member of the NPA Worldwide Network of Recruitment Firms.

Specific benefits:


By leveraging the 500-plus high-quality, vetted and approved member companies, we can operate with both scale and agility in sourcing efficiently for specialist candidates wherever
they are.

This scale will out-pace solo independent recruitment firms no matter what their calibre.

Global Reach

With NPA members on six continents, this gives us unprecedented reach.

Working with affiliate members, we can source local candidates and gain local insight, wherever you are sourcing from or hiring for.

Trusted contacts

Using Macstaff as a primary recruitment contact for your needs means there is no need to communicate with and manage multiple agency relationships. We sort that in the background with trusted NPA partners, who are willing and able to collaborate to fill positions.

Pay just one firm

On a related note, you only pay one reasonable recruitment fee – usually contingency-based – while effectively engaging the services of multiple specialist international recruitment firms.

Specialist Focus

The NPA network, which again we can leverage on your behalf, is not just large and geographically spread, it is also structured by specialty, allowing us to select best-fit partners on a case-by case basis. Macstaff is a recognised expert within the ‘Engineering, Operations and Manufacturing’ group detailed below.

The Engineering/Operations/Manufacturing Practice Group includes industries such as automotive, consumer products and pharmaceutical products (anything under a roof). Supply chain is the moving of products used in all of those industries. The construction industry includes everything in infrastructure development such as roads, bridges, and homes or building. The mining area includes open pit mining and underground mining.

Membership to the NPA is a natural progression for me after 20-plus years of international recruitment experience with SME and corporate firms. This is roughly split 50/50 each side of the Atlantic Ocean with 10 years UK/European recruitment behind me and 10-plus years recruitment in Canada/North America to match.

In fact, as a dual UK and Canadian citizen, I am uniquely qualified to work collaboratively with candidates looking to move from Europe to North America and vice versa.

In summary, NPA membership allows Macstaff to offer specialist recruitment services to more people in more places. Not only can Macstaff deliver first class recruitment solutions whatever your needs now we are in a position to offer first class recruitment services whenever you need!

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