NEWS: Celebrations and respect for the Trauma Recovery Centre

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NEWS: Celebrations and respect for the Trauma Recovery Centre

A room with children's toys and rest area in

The Trauma Recovery Centre

Macstaff’s named charity, the Trauma Recovery Centre is 10 years old and I wanted to go on record with my congratulations for their amazing achievements over that time.

In this day and age when charity and fund-raising has been hit so badly by the pandemic, it a real feather in the cap of the Trauma Recovery Centre, that they are still going strong.

A girl reaches up onto a shelf for a toy

A girl reaches for a toy at the Trauma Recovery Centre

Based in Bath with centres in Guernsey and Oxford too, TRC provides a wonderful and invaluable service for families.

They facilitate recovery for children, young people and parents as they process traumatic experiences and help them move from psychological shock through to recovery.

Restoring children

In short, TRC offer support and help people put their lives back together.

They do great work in restoring children who have been through some horrendous experiences.

Betsy de Thierry heads up the organisation and she has done a great job. I have a lot of respect for her and her staff and it has been a pleasure to support them through Macstaff.

Trauma Recovery Centre

TRC have a line which says: ‘we believe that recovery from trauma is possible’. I have no doubt that they will continue doing great work for many years to come.

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