BLOG: Post pandemic economic recovery is in top gear

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BLOG: Post pandemic economic recovery is in top gear

A graph shows the highs and lows of the economy

Highs and lows of the economy

It seems like there is a constant stream of good news stories for the UK economy at the minute.

Quoting REC data this week, I see that employer confidence has gone over 20 per cent. This is incredible considering those figures were down in the minuses during the grip of the pandemic and up until November.

There are also forecasts of GDP growth figures of 6 per cent. This is usually around 3 per cent in good years so that is a perfect example of how much the economy is bouncing back with a bang.

The experts say it is set to be the biggest boom since 1948. If you remember where we were a year ago, that is truly incredible and great news for the economy as well as people’s household income.


Unemployment is down to 5 per cent, which, while is nothing to be excited about in the grand picture, it is an improvement from the 10 per cent they were expecting it to be at this stage.

There are plenty of individual success stories too. Lotus say they are ramping up production ten-fold and Harland and Wolff shipbuilders are taking on apprentices for the first time in decades.

Meanwhile, manufacturing growth has hit a 27-year high.

A pen points at a graph on a piece of paper

The economy is bouncing back

I could go on.

I was hoping it was going to be a good bounce back but this is better than most people could have expected.

They were worried about a double-dip recession, which hasn’t emerged and while a K-shaped graph shows how far the likes of hospitality and travel have to recover, there is certainly plenty of demand in those two sectors – myself included! Macstaff’s core industry areas of construction, manufacturing and engineering are all systems go.


Everything seems to be bouncing back well and it has been full tilt since February.

From a personal point of view, Macstaff’s pandemic recovery is in top gear. We have already done more business this year up to April than we did in the whole of 2020!

I would be surprised if demand dropped off too. While temporary appointments seem king as businesses take no chances after lockdown, permanent roles are still performing very strongly and there is a definite skills shortage out there.

A graph shows the highs and lows of the economy

Highs and lows of the economy

Recruiters like Macstaff are very busy as businesses search for the ideal candidate – and candidates search for the right role at the right price.

There is a war on talent emerging and Macstaff will help businesses find those hard-to-find candidates as well as help those candidates with lots of options.

The vaccine roll-out has been amazing and, post-Brexit, many businesses and sectors have been resilient and found their way to a new normal.


The Government are involved in trade deal talks with the likes of India and Japan and forecasts put UK growth ahead of both the US and the EU over coming months.

There is a real buzz around business which is being made even more exciting because of the lows that many industries have endured during the pandemic.

Long may it continue.

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