BLOG: There is a reason why I have so many memberships!

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May 7, 2021

BLOG: There is a reason why I have so many memberships!

Ant McCormack with his REC memberships certificate for 2021

Ant McCormack with his REC membership certificate for 2021

Macstaff are proud members of many organisations. But in a pandemic where cost-cutting has been the norm, why does Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack believe they are so important?


I have just confirmed my membership for REC (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation) for 2021 and I was really pleased to do so.

REC is widely known as the governing body for the recruitment industry. Their slogan is ‘making great work happen’ and for Macstaff, there are many benefits to membership.

It’s not just REC that myself or Macstaff are members of though with NPA, TEAM and Chamber of Commerce memberships all important too.

Memberships of various bodies and organisations increase my costs and overheads in a pandemic, so why do I do it?

I guess it can be summed up in three areas really. Macstaff needs to be: well connected, well informed and well equipped.


All of the above memberships offer Macstaff the ability to be those three things and provide benefits that I can pass down to my clients or candidates. This enables me to be giving them the very best service.

I like the people in the organisations both personally but professionally but, as a business, it’s about having a finger on the pulse of recruitment industry and the industries we recruit in.

It’s about understanding regulatory change, undertaking industry leading training, delivering best practice, ​being informed, being well networked and connected.

Myself and Macstaff need to be well equipped and highly responsive to client and candidate needs in a dynamic market.

The Chamber of Commerce, TEAM, REC and NPA help me keep on top of that need for the following reasons.


REC drive standards and opportunities in the industry. Their webinars and the access to market intelligence you get with membership is really useful. Some of that information has led to Macstaff pivoting off into extra business areas over the past 12 months.

Membership of REC often (but not always) differentiates good professional companies from some that do not consistently keep high standards.

I have also recently passed the compliance test that we have to do every two years to make sure you are up to date with best practice, regulations, legal requirements and that we are adhering to the charter of good practice. REC are known as the best recruitment federation worldwide.


Chamber of Commerce

This enables Macstaff to build good local relationships and to build advocates for our products and services. We get together to share ideas and lobby too for local business change. It is well respected and there are opportunities to give back to the chamber and support local business.

I am a member of the Chew Valley Chamber of Commerce but have had to pause my membership of the larger Business West (Bath, Bristol and South Gloucestershire) due to pandemic cost-cutting. As things begin to pick up, it’s something I will be looking to start again.

TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement)

Membership of TEAM has been a keen part of my business for four years now. It’s collaborative and can add extra revenue with split fee placements. It’s the largest organisation for independent business recruitment owners. They offer training, legal advice, networking, events and document libraries, They share market intelligence and best practice too.

I have been asked to be the chair of the solopreneurs call next Tuesday which can involve up to 100 people.


NPA is a split-fee network with members on six continents. They help Macstaff leverage the network and with 10 years’ experience in North America and 10 years in Europe, I can offer a lot in this area.

I am currently active in Canada, where I used to live and work from, and have works in progress in places like Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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