what's in it for you?

Global Candidates

So what’s in it for Jobseekers?

Macstaff Global are able to open up a world of job opportunities to qualified candidates by leveraging the breadth and depth of the NPA global network.

Is also a natural progression for your representative Anthony McCormack who has over 20 years of international recruitment experience with SMEs and corporate recruiting firms. This experience has been split 50/50 either side of the Atlantic with 10 years’ experience in the UK and Europe and a similar amount in Canada and North America.  In fact, as a dual UK/Canadian citizen, Anthony is uniquely qualified to work collaboratively with candidates looking to move from Europe to North America and vice versa.

A smooth international move

An international move is complex and can be very stressful for candidates and their families. Having a trusted expert advisor in their corner can be invaluable in steering them through what can be a minefield.

Macstaff Global offers access to international job opportunities, especially in Canada/US and UK/Europe. We have a solid understanding of the relevant markets, companies, jobs, qualifications, regulations and culture. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the personal, family and domestic issues that international relocation throws up. There can be issues with passports, visas, job offers/contracts, buying/selling/renting property, schools, shipping, acclimatising and much more. As a result, Macstaff Global always empathises and can often offer sage advice and qualified referrals to relevant companies. An extensive knowledge of how things work on both sides of the Atlantic gives us the power to help you.

First class recruitment

Macstaff Global can deliver first class recruitment solutions whatever your job requirements. We are also in a position to offer first-class recruitment services wherever your job search is targeted.

Macstaff Global working together with NPA for you will reap the following benefits:

  • Increase the amount of target opportunities by using the scale of the NPA network.
  • Minimise risks by working with an experienced consultant as your trusted advisor.
  • Maximise chances of securing the right opportunity via expert advice and coaching.

Macstaff Global can help you dramatically improve your chances of achieving your ideal career move. Let us know what you are looking for. Tell us where you are looking and we will tackle your request with expertise, integrity and commitment.


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