BLOG: Invest in yourself and refresh your mind this summer holiday

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May 21, 2019
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August 14, 2019

BLOG: Invest in yourself and refresh your mind this summer holiday

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Holiday time is time to regenerate

The time for a summer holiday is upon us and, as we depart for lands near and far, we are all hoping for the same thing…a seamless transition.

Can the perfect balancing act be achieved. Managing both your workload – and expectations for the holiday – while also pausing and delegating work so that no balls are dropped!

Then, it’s setting up the voicemail and out-of-office assistant, and you’re all set.

Enjoy some sun and travel, some good food and the odd drink or two before swooping back in and picking up where you left off … hitting the ground running … without missing a beat.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

As we all know however, it rarely is.

It is all too easy to have a fantastic break and then come back with a defeatist attitude and fall seamlessly into a back-to-work rut.

High expectations

Maybe we all set the bar too low regarding our re-entry point after a holiday? Perhaps we should expect more? I believe we should.

This summer, surrounding my vacation, I have high expectations for the transformative power of RE-for-ME, starting with RE-fresh, RE-charge & RE-cooperate. I know that RE-for-YOU can be just as uplifting!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, consultant or manager in a start-up, SME or corporate, you need to invest in yourself to invest in your business.

Author Steven Covey in his classic, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ categorises this as ‘sharpening the saw’. However, this smacks of going straight back to doing the same thing, (in this case sawing), hopefully, a bit quicker or better.

Thinking back to your holiday, I think our dream, vision and goal should be more than that.

In these dynamic times, a sustainable competitive advantage isn’t just about productivity and efficiency (although these are indeed helpful). A sustainable competitive advantage is about innovation and differentiation. The future belongs to dreamers and disrupters! This goes for individuals, products, companies, countries and everything in-between.

Dare to dream on holiday

But I’m not going to change the world in this blog, so let’s focus on YOU.

Your holiday, your ME time is your RE time, from a work point of view, is for thinking, not for doing. Thinking if you think about it, is of much higher strategic value.

So, think BIGGER. Think about doing the right things, versus doing things right. Dare to dream!

All great leaders start by building up greatness inside before their greatness hits the headlines. Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali and Nelson Mandela all spring to mind. Who are your greats? So, whether it’s great ideas, great vision, or great self-belief, it goes from the inside out. Robin Sharma promotes holistic greatness via his four ‘interior empires’: mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset.

Incidentally, if you value yourself, and I highly recommend that you do, you’re the only you that you and the world have, then I strongly suggest an R&R-type holiday. I’ve been on plenty of the ‘you need a holiday to recover from the holiday’ type holidays, but if you’re looking to restore your sanity, then Las Vegas or Aya Napa isn’t likely to help!

Re-ignite your passion

So as you RE-vive, RE-energise and RE-juvenate on your break, it’s a great time to RE-focus on your WHY, (Simon Sinek), RE-ignite your passion and reflect on your raison d’être.

Ask yourself from a business or a life point of view things like:

  • What’s your BIG idea?
  • What do you value?
  • What are your goals?
  • What does success look like?
  • What will you change?
  • What will you start doing?
  • What will you stop doing?

This way you stand a good chance of RE-starting from a better point than where you left off, at least mentally, or if you do return to the same place, at least you will be heading in a better direction.

Just like, once you’ve worked out your WHY, your HOW will soon fall into place. If you ask yourself the right questions, the right answers will come. That’s the magic of your mind.

You do have to stop and listen for these answers though.

So, I wish you great success in the renewing of your mind, when you take it on holiday.

Oh, and RE more REs for you … I’m thinking, REstoration, REgeneration, REdemption!

Do you have any more? Let me RE-Phrase … Got any MoRE….

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