BLOG: New partnership with fantastic children’s sports provider – and my sister!

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BLOG: New partnership with fantastic children’s sports provider – and my sister!

didi rugby logo

didi rugby logo

Macstaff are delighted to announce a new partnership with didi rugby and MD Anthony McCormack has known their founder and CEO all of his life…quite literally.

I am delighted to announce a new partnership with a company whose CEO and founder I am lucky enough to have known all my life.

When people usually say that, they are usually exaggerating, at least a little bit.

But in this case, I am not because Vicky Macqueen is my little sister!

We both own companies and so this partnership is long overdue.

But I am pleased to say that Macstaff is now the preferred recruitment partner of children’s sports franchise business didi rugby and didi sports.

Vicky set up didi rugby many years ago after nearly losing her life to a blood infection. Doctors told her that it was only her incredible strength and fitness levels that kept her alive.

Since then, she has been hell-bent on trying to get as many young children into health, sport, fun and fitness as she can.

Her didi rugby business now has over 20 franchises across the country and is currently rolling out didi cricket in a similar fashion. So didi sports is now born.

I am very proud of her and very proud to be helping her out as didi and Macstaff combine forces to make sure Vicky’s business is well staffed with the right sort of people.

As well as helping out my sister, the partnership also feels so right from a business perspective.

Maybe a break from the norm for Macstaff? We usually deal with appointing people who are professional, skilled and technical.


Or is it?

If you are a didi coach or franchisee, you are certainly professional, skilled and technical. You will certainly need to be all three to do your job properly.

For me, working is not only about what you do, but also how and why you do it. So I have been keen to make sure Macstaff represents with courage, creativity and compassion to move people to a brighter future worldwide.

I want to make sure we are doing the right things in the right areas. We are purpose and values-driven and we try to move people towards a brighter future.

So if a parent or caregiver decides to sig-up their child onto a didi programme, that will certainly give them a chance for a brighter future with all they will learn.

If a coach decides to join didi rugby, they will get a leg up to a brighter future because didi is already a renowned and respected early-years sports provider in the UK and now, overseas.

didi rugby

If you are joining didi as a franchisee and business partner, then you are also moving to a brighter future with the work/life balance and career development.

It all fits and works nicely with the values we have at Macstaff. Not only are we a first-class recruitment firm but we are also one that champions kids and helps to create a brighter future for them.

We already support kids’ charity TRC, which is primarily a mental health and wellbeing supporters of children.

Now didi brings physical health and fitness to the party too and their classes are now back up and running after lockdown

I am no doctor, but I know that mental and physical health are closely linked so I like to think that we have both bases covered in our partnerships.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching and franchise opportunities with didi rugby in the UK and on a global scale, please get in touch with us.


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