NEWS: New products and services to provide boost for the recruitment industry

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NEWS: New products and services to provide boost for the recruitment industry

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack addresses a room of people telling them about new products

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack addresses a room of people

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack explains why a stagnant economy and the uncertainties surrounding Brexit have inspired him to think out of the box and come up with some new products and services to provide a boost for the recruitment industry.

In what has been a stagnant economy, I wanted to come up with some creative and flexible ideas to boost recruitment engagement for clients and candidates alike.

The last six months have been very tough trading times for many businesses with little growth worldwide and, domestically, uncertainties around Brexit and how a post-Brexit landscape would start shaping our lives.

So I was keen to grab the bull by the horns, show some leadership and come up with some ways to help kick-start the industry.

I have created a range of new products and services which will focus on flexibility and creativity to offer a different perspective on a standard service.

I hope they create some interest and would be glad to hear your feedback.

New products: Macstaff ‘50/50’

With Macstaff’s new 50/50 service, companies can pay just half the recruitment fee upon hiring a new starter.

In previous economic downturns, there has been a lot of people unemployed but, at the same time, companies have had difficulties maintaining a head count or they are cautious with long-term planning.

The new ’50/50′ model involves companies hiring on a fixed-term basis for a review after six months. Macstaff will charge just half our fee when the new worker starts and then the other half at the six month point.

Macstaff ‘10 For 10’

Macstaff’s ’10 For 10′ offers businesses 10% discounted contingency recruitment fees when committing to registering 10 vacancies during a 12-month period.

It’s a very simple new offering but one that has derived from my wish to find a true win/win for a recruitment agency and an employer among my new products and services.

If a company gives us 10 positions, or a worked-out intention to create 10 new positions across the year, they will only pay 10% recruitment fees

Macstaff ‘CVS’

Macstaff CVS is an unbundled CV screening service for companies who may not want to pay for a full recruitment package.

You might think that you need recruitment support from an external company but perhaps you might not want the full cycle of recruitment service.

So CVS means ‘CV screening’. Essentially, I can organise to post your requirements on specialist job boards, screen all the qualified cvs and send them across to you for a one-off cost of £1,000.

Macstaff ‘R2R’

Macstaff’s strategic partners TEAM and NPA enable us to help you by collaborating with independent recruitment businesses on a global basis.

Collaborations are very important to Macstaff and our links with TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) and NPA Worldwide are two of them.

We have already done 30 or 40 split-fee placements with the TEAM network which enables us to leverage other specialisms. And NPA is a similar premise but it’s a group of business owners internationally who operate on six continents.

Macstaff ‘ROI’

Are you a company looking for more certainty as you plan your recruitment spend throughout the year? If so, ‘Macstaff ROI’ can help you.

This brand new product has been designed for companies who have limited capacity in their recruitment team or perhaps need to scale that back.

It is also for companies who want better value and want to be able to control their costs more effectively for their contingency permanent recruitment.

New Jobs Page

And if you are looking for a new job, get your job search off to the perfect by registering with Macstaff’s new-look Jobs Page.

Register yourself on the CRM system and benefit from job alerts that will give you the opportunity to hear about suitable vacancies as soon as they become available, giving you the best chance of landing the type of role you are after.

There is improved functionality on the new set-up and it also gives you the option of controlling your own personal data for GDPR purposes too.


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