Met Walking is a ‘win/win’ in the battle for work/life balance

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August 14, 2019
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Met Walking is a ‘win/win’ in the battle for work/life balance

A group of people look happy at the top of a hill in the sunshine

A group of Met Walkers enjoy the scenery in the south west

The idea of a work/life balance is a lie! 

The problem is that the fabled work/life balance is based on a false premise. They are not two separate vessels, work and life – there is just life – which you should spend well. 

Ask any life-loving legend like Richard Branson and he will say the same thing. 

So, I feel inspired to talk to you about Met Walking because it is ‘win-win’ past time in this regard. Met Walking has been a great new addition to my life that may also enrich yours. 

So, what is Met Walking?

Well, meeting and walking, of course.

Started by Richard Freke and Tom Garland in Bristol, it’s concept is creating a forum for like-minded business professionals which can ultimately build a community to support wellbeing and business goals. They’re being billed as the south west’s healthiest networking events! 

Traditional networking events, which I also do and enjoy, can often be formal and sometimes stuffy. Plus, they are often held in the evenings which takes away valuable family time and are often centred around eating and drinking which is not doing my waistline any good.

Suffice as to say, met-walking is a different concept and a different vibe.

Benefits include…

  • All of the recognised health benefits of the great outdoors, including sunshine and fresh air.
  • Seeing some of the superb sites of the south west
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Network in a casual environment
  • Find partners (customers, collaborators, suppliers)
  • Get some exercise (placate your Fit-Bit)
  • Combine your dog walk with work
  • It’s free
  • Paid membership options with added extras
  • Tee-Shirts

So why am I personally, so invested in this?  

Well…partly for point 10 … I’ll do pretty much anything for a team tee-shirt of any kind!

However, also because I’m an entrepreneur and currently an owner-operator. I have to look after me to look after the business! So, health and wellness programs are something I’m very keen on. Not only for me, for now, but I’m also committed to embed this into the foundations of company culture before we grow. 

Plus let’s face it, in the UK, we need all the sunshine we can get and I like to soak up maximum vitamin D in the summer before the nights draw in. 

I’m relatively new to the south-west and don’t know a lot of the destinations; essentially I’m getting guided tours of the sights that I can subsequently enjoy with family and friends.

Met Walking is just as much for Willow, the Macstaff office dog, as it is for me. More ‘win-win’ there and it’s easier networking with a pooch if you’re a secret introvert like myself!


I’m only new and of course, you can’t force friendships, but I can already see that this community is going to be a great support system, full of talented and trustworthy individuals that can be a great sounding board for all the new ideas that bubble up outdoors (I think that’s why it’s called blue-sky-thinking).

I’ll have to check the small print. I don’t think good weather is actually guaranteed by the Met Walking community but it’s certainly becoming a bit of a Met Walking tradition.

Will I get something out of it business wise? Well maybe? My ethos is to concentrate on what you bring to this kind of table (vs take away). For example, in my case, I bring expertise in recruitment and job search, plus some good recent experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.  

If met walking could be for you, at time of writing, they’re still open to new members, and the next event is around Tyndale Monument August 21, 2019, so take the leap of faith and get involved. 

For more information, check out ,find them on your preferred social media channel, or ask me or Tom and Richard – the founders.

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