BLOG: Why our #MacstaffRepresents hashtag incorporates what Macstaff stands for

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BLOG: Why our #MacstaffRepresents hashtag incorporates what Macstaff stands for

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack sits at a desk with notes and a cup of coffee and discusses #MacstaffRepresents

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack describes #MacstaffRepresents

Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack writes a very personal and passionate blog about why he chose the the company’s #MacstaffRepresents hashtag to incorporate much of what the business stands for.

This week, we are launching our #MacstaffRepresents hashtag in a bid to draw attention what makes Macstaff stand out from others in the recruitment industry.

I wanted to tell you exactly why this phrase is so important to me, as MD of Macstaff, and why it incorporates a lot of what we stand for.

I have always wanted to undo the idea that recruitment is a commodity service.

In fact, true personal representation is the key component in creating success for both clients and candidates.

If you were hiring a lawyer, you would not just hire anyone. You want someone who understands your situation and will then put a compelling case forward for you, on your behalf.

From the people I have spoken to about my industry, they see recruitment as a bunch of pushy sales kids working through their KPIs and databases to get the results that a corporate boss demands from them.

Brand ambassadors

It can portray an image of candidates being pushed into jobs that are not right for them just to make sure the ‘sale’ is achieved. That approach is not good for the candidate, who gets a job they don’t really want or match for. And it’s no good for the client either who gets a new hire who could get disgruntled and leave within months of taking the role on.

Macstaff strive to be the antithesis of that approach. We seek a collaborative relationship with client and candidate and will show respect and integrity to get the right result for all parties.

We will be true brand ambassadors for you and work relentlessly to make sure that everything we do is tailored to your wishes. It won’t simply a case of sending off CVs and hoping for the best.

Behind #MacstaffRepresents, the word ‘represent’ can have strong urban connotations. And with that approach in mind, Macstaff will fight your corner and promise to bring our A-Game and passion to everything we do on your behalf. It’s a partnership and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you or your company to make it a successful one.

True representation

I am determined to differentiate Macstaff from the big plc recruitment organisations and show the industry that I am someone with genuine integrity, morals and ethics as well as someone people can trust to go that extra mile on their behalf.

I have almost 20 years of experience in the industry in Europe and North America and that experience is specific to the areas that I work to get placements in. That certainly helps me to help you and I like to think of Macstaff offering executive search quality and standards for regular rates.

My close relationship with clients can benefit both sides of the job. There have been plenty of times when I have submitted CVs and a client has said that my candidate is not the right person for that job. If I disagree, I will have a conversation to try and put my case forward as to why I disagree and often, the client has changed their mind and that has led to an appointment.

Interview session

I remember one particular case where I felt a client had overlooked the best candidate for a three-person, three-hour interview session. I managed to persuade them to have four 45-minute interviews instead, which included that fourth candidate.

Thankfully, that person went on to get the job. That made a massive difference to their life and it meant this key management role was filled for the client with someone who excelled in the job for the long term and moved the business forward significantly.

For me, that is the essence of truly representing both sides in the recruitment industry.

It’s a promise and it’s my guarantee.

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