NEWS: Macstaff announces partnership with the Trauma Recovery Centre

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NEWS: Macstaff announces partnership with the Trauma Recovery Centre

A father holds hands and leads his child towards a lovely sunset

A father holds hands and leads his child towards a lovely sunset

Macstaff is proud to announce a working partnership with the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC), its first charity support work. Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack explains why the venue is close to his heart.

Compassion is one of the core values that underpin who we are at Macstaff. 

We believe in charity, generosity, healing, restoration, second chances, hope and a future for all. The idea of freedom for kids is close to our hearts and we are keen to invest in generational change!

With this in mind, we couldn’t imagine a more worthy first charity to support than the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC) and now we are proud to be able to share that Macstaff has been accepted as a business partner with the TRC. 

“We are proud to be working together with the TRC to see children restored from life altering experiences”

A father holds hands and leads his child towards a lovely sunset

So who are TRC? Well let them tell you, in their own words…

TRC facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children and young people facing trauma, challenge and crisis. We train professionals, parents and adults at the TRC Training Centre to help in the recovery process.

The TRC exists to help children recover from trauma and trauma is defined as an experience which is overwhelming and hinders the child’s safety and security.

Trauma causes a child or young person to feel terrified and powerless. At the TRC, we facilitate recovery for children and young people as they process trauma, and support them as they piece their lives back together until a wholeness can be found. We also work to support parents and carers, as well as training and supporting teachers to form a holistic support service.

We believe that children and young people can recover from trauma.

The TRC started when Betsy de Thierry, founder and director of the Trauma Recovery Centre, had a dream of the building as a trauma centre helping many families who had no one to support them in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. 

Using over 20 years of experience and knowledge built up working as a teacher and therapist in a number of organisations and delivering training to professionals in schools, NGOs and charities, Betsy founded and set up the TRC in May 2011.


Since then, Betsy has worked together with a team of professional psychotherapists and creative therapists, social workers and teachers. Their aim has been to fulfil the vision of the TRC: to see children and families restored from trauma.

As a charity, we hold Christian values, and yet we value diversity. We enjoy working with people from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds and those of faith or no faith.

We are very grateful to the church who hosts the HQ of the TRC, Freedom Centre UK. They also provided seed funding for the TRC to start and continue to support the charity financially.

The TRC is now well established and is able to run due the overwhelming generosity of grant makers. And we are also grateful to the businesses and individuals who support the charity.

All staff are appropriately qualified for their roles and adhere to the professional and ethical boundaries of the relevant professional bodies, including BACP, BAAT, BAMT, BAPT, PTUK, UKCP and BPS.

Freedom House, Bath, the HQ of the TRC, is located on Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 1EP.

Can you help?

If this wonderful charity can secure additional sponsorships, they will be able to impact lives of more children and families in desperate need of their expert help. 

Maybe you or your organisation could consider joining Macstaff in partnering with the TRC?

To find out more about the Trauma Recovery Centre and what it does, check out the TRC website.