NEWS: Macstaff wins TEAM Member of the Year award

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NEWS: Macstaff wins TEAM Member of the Year award

Anthony McCormack receives the TEAM award from their Jackie Torr

Anthony McCormack receives the TEAM award from their Jackie Torr

Six months after Macstaff were ‘presented’ with the prestigious TEAM Member of the Year award,  MD Anthony McCormack finally got the silverware in his hands to celebrate properly.

It was a big moment for me in April when I got news that the business had won an award from TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement).

Being voted for by your peers is always a big achievement for any person, in any form of business, sport or organisation.

TEAM is my recruitment community so winning the ‘Member of the Year’ award meant more to me because it was nominated by the members, who made me feel very special at the time with what they said about myself and Macstaff.

At the time, back in April, pandemic lockdown restrictions meant the award was ‘presented’ to me virtually via Zoom by Jackie Torr, the MD of TEAM.


It has been an incredible six months since I was ‘presented’ with the award – Anthony McCormack


So, it was great to finally catch up with Jackie and see the award for real. I really appreciate her coming to have a chat with me and hand over the ‘big T’.

It has been an incredible six months since I received the award online with the industry facing incredible challenges as economies across the globe all-but shut down in the midst of the spread of Covid-19.

But Jackie and I are both hopeful that there are better times to come if we can all adapt our businesses and accept new ways of doing things, grasp the nettle and embrace change.

I am looking forward to another year as a valued member of TEAM as well, having been an active member for five years.

TEAM is a unique network of some of the best independent recruitment and employment businesses in the UK.

Members have an aggregate turnover of over £1.5billion with over 50,000 temps working every day and 3,500 employees. Membership covers 700 locations in the UK and worldwide.


Feedback from members


In choosing who wins the award each year, TEAM say there is: ‘no science or criteria involved and it has nothing to do with the size of the business but, more often or not, boils down to someone being recognised as being nice to do business with’.

Jackie said the 2019 award I received was fully deserved after hearing all of the feedback from fellow members.

“Macstaff has been an active Member of TEAM for the many years and it is wonderful to hear such great comments about Anthony and his business”, said Jackie.

“Anthony has been very successful sharing business within the TEAM Network and epitomises the ethos of TEAM.”


Very grateful


Every year, TEAM members vote for their member of the Year, so to pick up an award voted for by his peers left Anthony feeling very grateful.

“I feel like I was already ‘winning’ just by being a member of TEAM, so this award is a total bonus,” added Anthony.

“TEAM is my recruitment community so this award means more to me because it is nominated by the members, who have humbled me with their feedback.

“This award is like a ‘Players Player of the Year’ and that is why it is so special.

“As TEAM said, there are no strict criteria to this award. It is just about being ‘nice to do business with’. I like being nice to do business with and am deliberate about this, so it’s great to be recognised for that.


Key business strategy


“I have enjoyed great relationships with TEAM Members across the UK, doing lots of TEAM Xchange splits on both candidate and client sides of the deal.

“Collaboration is a core value for myself and Macstaff and it is also a key business strategy as described in our Macstaff R2R service.

“We will continue to leverage best-in-class partnerships with recruitment agencies and membership organisations, to offer first-class service to clients and candidates over the long term.”

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