Job Search? Job Done! Out Now :)

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March 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017

Job Search? Job Done! Out Now :)

I am Macstaff’s Founding Consultant and Author of Job Search Job Done, Anthony McCormack. I’ve enjoyed success in the staffing and recruitment industry in North America, UK and Europe for 15+ years.

In terms of a potted history, I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1996 and, in truth, ‘fell’ into recruitment, which has been my passion and profession ever since. I cut my teeth in driving and industrial recruitment with Securicor recruitment services, now Randstad, where I learned to work hard, act quickly and give great customer service. I moved for career development in 1999 into specialist recruitment with Synergy, majoring in Facilities Management, where I developed skills in contingency permanent recruitment and executive search. From 2002 to 2016, I worked with Hays PLC, where I honed my leadership skills, fulfilling roles of Business Manager, Division Manager and Branch Manager, without ever leaving the ‘sharp-end’ as a recruitment consultant, successfully filling jobs and placing candidates, which is, in my mind, the ‘magic’ in recruitment.

Founding Macstaff, a high impact recruitment company, in 2016 was the fulfilment of a dream I have held over the years, and at the time of writing Macstaff is approaching its first birthday.

So why write the book?

Well, having worked in the staffing and recruitment industry for 15+ years, I’ve worked with literally thousands of skilled, technical, management and executive-level professionals in the context of job search, job change, career transition or whatever else you want to call it. I’ve learned to realise that, while I live in a world of job postings, CVs/résumés, job applications, interviews, offers, resignations, starting a new job, etc., candidates don’t, and this can become patently obvious. I’ve routinely seen really smart and often really senior professionals make some rookie mistakes when in the arena of job search. It’s no surprise, really, given that I’ve heard some terrible advice being offered by career coaches, CV writers, recruitment consultants, HR advisors and a raft of other self-titled gurus to people in the areas around job search and I knew I could do better.

References and recommendations from numerous individuals I have worked with testify that I do a great job navigating a successful course through this process, identifying and grabbing opportunities and side-stepping pitfalls, en-route to the right result! To date, this has been advice given to candidates I have worked with on a one-to-one basis. This is all well and good, especially for those individuals, but of course, by definition, it is also inefficient. I am passionate about people nailing their job search and securing life-changing job roles. I knew I had to get the word out ‘properly’. This book allows me to give more comprehensive advice to more people in this critical phase, most importantly YOU!

So why read the book?

Let’s put it this way: let’s assume you have drawn the conclusion that it’s time to get a new job or indeed secure your first job. Are you going to plan your job search before throwing yourself in at the deep end?

Or, perhaps you will just bang your CV out to job posts that catch your eye, and maybe a few agencies, and see what happens, right? From what I can gather as somewhat of a recruitment veteran now, this is the default strategy for a majority of candidates. I would argue that your job search, and more importantly, your career, is a strategically important item.

There is, potentially, a huge upside in getting it right, ranging from job satisfaction to work-life balance and financial freedom. There is also a potentially a huge downside in getting it wrong, ranging from job dissatisfaction to life upheaval and financial hardship.

So if you want to nail your job search, produce a winning CV, make social media your best friend, win with a recruiter, smash your next interview, rise above rejection, get your salary on the money, negotiate like a champ, resign right, avoid counterproductive counter offers, settle into a new job or see the big career picture (or all of the above), then this book is for YOU!

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Make sure that, when it comes to job search, that you get the job done!

All the best, Anthony
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