Hinterview software will aid recruitment during and after pandemic

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Hinterview software will aid recruitment during and after pandemic

Two people conduct an interview on Hinterview software

Two people conduct an interview on Hinterview software

With COVID-19 having had a huge effect on the recruitment industry, Macstaff and Mosaic have invested in a new interview software that makes the ‘remote’ online interview a whole lot easier for both clients and candidates alike.

The digital recruitment process has just got a whole lot easier for clients and candidates of Macstaff – or the company’s global brand, Mosaic.

‘Hinterview’ is now a provision of Macstaff Recruitment and will provide an online option for both candidates and clients to recruit on a global basis.



Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack says: “I have been thinking about video interviewing for a while because, I know from experience, that cvs don’t tend to tell the whole story. I wanted to give candidates a chance to showcase their communication and personal skills.

“Through the software, I can provide a fuller picture of that candidate to the client so they can decide if any individual is going to be a culture fit for their organisation and the right person for the role.

“They can evaluate the characters of the best candidates for any given position in their own time, whenever and wherever they like.

“That flexibility is crucial for Macstaff in helping us build the relationships which are key to our business.”

Anthony added that he had been extremely impressed with Hinterview during his discussions with the company.

Long-term projects

“Hinterview are a great bunch of people which is important for Macstaff and who we partner with on long-term projects.

“They have some good innovations coming too and some good testimonials from people I know as well. It’s a great value-added service.”

Hinterview are not the only ones with innovative new products coming out to adjust to life in a positive way after a debilitating pandemic.

Find out how Macstaff – and the new global arm of the company, Mosaic – could help you and your business flourish during the international recovery efforts from COVID-19.

Contact: anthony@macstaff.co.uk


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