BLOG: Mistakes that hiring employers make

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January 20, 2022
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BLOG: Mistakes that hiring employers make

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Will your company's hiring process pass the test?

The way that companies are hiring staff is changing, especially in the turbulent economic climate of a post-Brexit and post-Covid UK economy, writes Macstaff MD Anthony McCormack.

And whether a company’s hiring process moves with the times, or remains stuck in the past, can have a big effect on its image among any potential future workforce.

At the time of writing, there are too many jobs for available candidates. So, with so much competition among clients to land the right person for the right job, the success of a hiring process becomes even more important.

Suitable candidate

Get it right and your business becomes first choice for a suitable candidate. Job done.

Get it wrong, and not only could that candidate be off to a rival business but their stories about your long-winded or ‘old hat’ processes could stop other potential candidates heading your way too.

Hiring companies in 2022 need to be checking their processes to make sure any job candidates are well respected, looked after and attracted to working for them.

With two decades of working within the recruitment sector, I have heard feedback and testimony from numerous candidates about what works and what doesn’t in the current employment market.

Hiring managers

So join me and watch these two videos which will provide much food for thought on subjects such as: a lack of feedback, a lack of preparation, and the fact that whole process takes too long.

There’s much more too, direct from candidates who have raised questions about: a lack of clarity on the role in question, one-way communication, unprepared hiring managers and inappropriate questioning.

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